Seeing the Unseen

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Our imagination, just like our body, mind and spirit, is affected by sin and begins life as something that can be deceived, used by Satan even. How can our imagination be trusted?

Under the dominance of sinful nature, it can’t be trusted! But God wants to redeem our imagination and make it holy. Just us we believe God can take our intellect, our ability to reason and sanctify it – giving us a new mind, making it useful for His purposes, so too He can do that with our imagination, if we submit ourselves wholly to Him and ask Him to fill our imagination with the things he wants to reveal to us.

Applying ourselves to scripture we use our whole mind, including the imagination, to learning from the Bible. It provides our strong anchor for truth and revelation. And as we do so, God intends for us to enter and experience the REALITY of which the Bible passage speaks.