Pastors Caroline & Dave Dennis

Caroline and Dave have been married since 1988 and have four adult children. Caroline is a real “people-person” and loves connecting over a good coffee. Dave loves rocking out on guitar, surfing, motorbikes and anything that helps people connect through a bit of fun and adventure.

Dave and Caroline Dennis
Pastors Dave and Caroline Dennis

Dave and Caroline bring many years of experience to church ministry and leadership. They both hold ministers credentials with CRC Churches International. At their previous church (CCH), they led the Under 25s ministry for 5 years, overseeing teams for all Children, Youth and Young Adults ministry. Prior to that, Caroline was the Children’s Pastor for 13 years and David had oversight of the worship team for 10 years, as well as serving on the CCH Board of Elders from 2002 to 2015. Caroline has also held positions of State Children’s Ministry Director for CRC Churches in NSW, and previously held the National Children’s Ministry Director role for the CRC Churches International in Australia.

They both carry a love for the whole of Jesus’ Bride – the Church – and a passion for visible and active unity across all denominations that love and worship our saviour, Jesus the Son of God. Their strong desire is to continue seeing God’s Kingdom displayed “on earth as it is in heaven” with the power of the Holy Spirit confirming the Good News about Jesus Christ as Lord and the only true Saviour of the world.

Leadership Team

Lifeway Church is blessed with a dedicated and mature leadership team who support Dave and Caroline, and together with them oversee the health and vitality of the local church. We are also blessed, through our ongoing relationship with Community Church Hornsby, to benefit from the oversight of a stable and mature board Elders.

The local leadership team consists of Werner Egger, Karen Vanderzee, Adam Dodds, and Aaron Culbertson.


Lifeway CRC Church Port Macquarie operates as an extension of Community Church Hornsby (CCH) and is submitted to the apostolic covering, governance and leadership of CCH. We operate within the same unincorporated association and benefit from having centralised administrative support with CCH.

We are also a member church of CRC Churches International and are submitted to the leadership and governing principles of the CRC movement. Although the autonomy of the local church is upheld as a strong Biblical value within the CRC, we also believe in the fellowship of churches being strengthened by loving and honouring relationships of mutual inter-dependence.