God changes lives, including yours!

God changes lives…Including yours! Do we know it? And are we open to it?

Telling the stories of what God has done and is doing everyday in our lives is massively important. At the heart of the Gospel is the idea that Jesus’ followers would do two things: firstly, that as his disciples they would learn from him and becoming like him, and secondly, that they would continue to speak his message of the Kingdom of God (His reign, authority, and salvation through Jesus Christ).

We know it as the Gospels are filled with the testimonies about Jesus by his disciples. We stand in the same lineage and telling the stories of how God changes us through Jesus is still what it’s all about!

It helps to remember that the “big guns” – the “saints” (Apostles, Peter, Paul etc) – were nothing before they met Jesus. They were broken … lost … confused … empty …
Some were self-righteous, some even hateful and violent, like Paul. All standing on flimsy foundations – before Jesus turned their lives upside down and changed it all.

They were ordinary people, just like us … and Jesus completely changed their lives.